Labour Inspection

As your child is still a minor, it is essential that you check carefully whether your child is still allowed to work in his/her current year of life. Also, the client has to apply for a work permit at the Inspection SZW (Labour Inspection) for children under 13.

No matter how long the assignment lasts, application for a work permit has to be submitted at least 14 days in advance. If done at a shorter notice, the SZW shall be authorized to refuse this work permit. For children up to 7 years of age, a work permit can be granted no more than 6 times during each year of life.

For children between 7 and 13 years of age please note the following:

  • The Labour Inspection can grant a work permit for a maximum of 24 bookings per year of life regardless of the duration of the booking.
  • A child can participate in an assignment no more than 3 times a week.
  • If a child works on Sundays, 5 Sundays per 16 weeks should be free.

Important for all age categories: calling in sick at school does not mean your child is allowed to work! If a photo or film shoot is scheduled on a school day the school’s consent is mandatory. Please inform us in advance whether the school has given written consent to this effect. Of course, you can inform us at any time that your child will only be available after school. Please inform us about the exact times of availability.

Work field

From the moment that the pictures and general information about your child is in our database, your child can be contacted for modeling work by Kidz Management.

Registration of your child is always free of charge.

Please note: application does not guarantee registration

We may organize official casting days to search for new talent. In this case Kidz Management invites potential models for a casting, of course free of charge.

To improve your child’s performance, we advise you to regularly practice with your child as much as possible. In this way your child becomes accustomed to the camera which benefits the modeling process. Practice makes perfect!

Kidz Management acts as intermediary between client and model. A booking is an agreement between client and model. A booking can be for photography and/or fitting clothing.

We may call or e-mail you to inform you that your child is in ‘option’. This means that the client wants you to ensure that your child is available at a certain date or time. If this option is converted into a booking we will inform you immediately! Unfortunately, sometimes this option is not converted into a booking which means you have adjusted your schedule unnecessarily. We can only say it is an occupational hazard!